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When players think of any type of event where they have a chance to display their skills, the goal is to are naturally try to impress. The level of play in this second round has increased. With that being said,  players have to make sure that they understand how their inside game flows.

Understanding that there is such a thing as a “good shot” and then there such a thing as “pass the ball for a greater shot”. I have witnesed this several times as a player shoots the two-point shot but there is a player ready for the baseline three-pointer. That’s great basketball when a coach knows that a player can put the ball in the hole and will make the better decision to get a better basket. It speaks volumes!

These next few rounds of cuts are crucial to see how players are going to react with higher pressure. Are they going to go into “selfish” mode and hog the ball or make the right decision? It’a going to be a humbling experience for some. It’s great Basketball IQ to show that one can score without the ball and also understands how to rotate the ball with a great speed and precision.

As we go into this next round, players need to treat this as if it were their last chance to prove themselves. It very well could be.

Players need to do what they are great at and step up their games…


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