Queen of the South

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Queen of the South

-As we quoted in out last tweet; the Queen of the South has set the table for the may non-certified tournaments. We had a chance to see really good match ups and some old faces that have added somethings to their games, as well as, individuals that have showed their talents.

-Side note:

We always talk about skill or athleticism. In this case, the elephant in the room was footwork, body control and balance.

Over the course of the tournament we saw a lot of players that were on the ground more than on their feet. Parents and players please understand most injuries occur when players don’t have balance. Knowing how to take contact, as well as, knowing how to fall-or even bracing yourself to fall-is very important. 

Quite a few girls had opportunities to make different moves and finishes to the basket, due to their lack of change or direction and even understanding the twist of the hips would give them a better chance attacking the angles and scoring or creating for someone else.

Let’s talk about some of the match ups:

TX Elite Jones X Urban DFW DJ – This was a real intense game with quite a bit of offense and a lot of defense. Both coaches were passionate and you could tell the players fed off of the energy.

DFW Elite 16U EYBL X Lady Drive Nation – This was a very close game that went all the way down to the wire. You could tell the girls knew each other because they were going at each other’s necks. Almost like it was bragging rights for the next time they meet.

-NTX Elite 22 X Lady Pro Skills 22 – This is an old rivalry that has been played for quite some time, when you have some of the best 22’s in the nation you cannot go wrong. I have never seem this rivalry, point-wise, go more than 4-8 points it’s always a great game.

Lady Pro Skills 16U EYBL x Cy-Fair 16U EYBL – This was a good game to see some of the future of the EYBL. Watching how each player brought a different dynamic to the game.

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