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There was a renewed energy in the air at Super 64 and I could feel it when we stepped into the building. A strong hoop vibe energized everyone. From the first tip-off, there were many competitive games and even glimpses of possible match-ups at the next level herunterladen.

After watching several games, it was readily apparent that there were many athletes with unique skill sets that would easily transfer to the collegiate level studocu herunterladen. However, so many of those young ladies were players that you seldom hear about or should I say “people tweet about” on social media. More importantly, these young ladies were able to hold their own against some of the top AAU programs in the country Minecraft free download handy 2020.

Coaches were commenting that they had never heard of several of those players and wondered why they weren’t playing for a top AAU club.  Well, as we all know there is politics involved in this thing and it is what it is herunterladen. But at She’s Up we are about making sure kids get the recognition they need to get that well deserved scholarship.  As a matter of fact, we specialize in finding talent that’s not on everyone’s radar while also acknowledging the hard work of those that are known herunterladen. Game recognizes game!

Below are pictures of players by class that did well and listed in no particular order:

A new energy has hit the Super 64, when we stepped in the building the hoop energy was strong photoshop 13 herunterladen. Started out the gate running with some strong match ups that gave us a look at matchups that we could possiblily see in the future of college hoops.


As we sat back and watched a lot of coaches and players compete, a conclusion was made that there is way more talent out there than we normally hear about, or should we say “people tweet about” youtube videos herunterladen computer bild. Players had a chance to go up against some of the “top programs” in the nation, as well as, the globe.

Coaches were asking questions like, “I have never heard of the kid or why isn’t she playing for a top program?” iso-file from norton bootable recovery tool. Well, as we all know, there is a lot politics involved in this thing. Making sure that kids get their chance to get a scholarship, that is the goal!

We saw quite a few kids, so we’ll make sure that we give a good evaluation of their games natureblick app.

Below, we have some pictures of players that performed on the court. They will be listed by class (no order).

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