Open Letter – College Coaches

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I have heard many coaches complain about elite/ranked players lacking basic/fundamental skills.

The question is “why didn’t you notice those defects before you got them on campus.” Perhaps the answer is sometimes coaches get caught up in player rankings and those rankings supersede an objective talent evaluation. Why should a ranked player get more of a pass versus a non-ranked player who is exhibiting the same level of skill?  Why do some coaches not trust their eyes when evaluating unranked players?


Franky, I’m really tired of hearing about players being “beasts” but they lack fundamental skills like utilizing their left hand to pass, dribble or shoot lay-ups.  Or they are labeled a “shooter” but their shooting form is atrocious or is too slow to play at the next level. They are supposed great “communicators” or ‘floor generals’ but they aren’t saying anything relevant to the game at hand and are mostly irking their teammates. While I acknowledge that some coaches do a great job in trusting their eyes, we need more objective evaluations from not just coaches but people like me who are evaluating players.

Thought; should coaches seek out more unranked players?  Could these players have a better skill set, basketball intelligence, or even a better discipline in a certain area than the ranked players? The answer is objective talent evaluation should occur regardless of ranked versus unranked status.

As the women’s game continues to evolve, it is imperative that we address the “elephant in the gym”- objective player evaluations.  I hope that it happens sooner rather than later and I’m holding myself accountable.

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