Jessica Clemmons

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As a hot bed for Girls Basketball, Texas has produced heavy hitters for the past 10+ years. It is no secret that it is almost a requirement to have a player from the south on your roster if you want to earn a championship. We have players whose families have relocated to the state to get a piece of the action, as well. Let’s give 2021 Jessica Clemmons a Texas welcome to our part of the south. Jessica is a 5’10 swing man that is very athletic and will highlight many conversations when it comes to players potentially playing at a Power 5 school. She will be playing with Elite III for coaches Trey Johnson and Brian Adams. Jessica moved to Texas from Memphis, TN, where there are quite a few players such as 2017 Myah Taylor, 2018 Lix Dixon, and some others who are bringing the pain in Girls Basketball.

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