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Levels when you are talking about basketball, there are so many variables inside it. Starting with some of the basics that 75% (I’m being nice) of trainers and coaches are not teaching. Where there are trainers that are teaching on the ball skill, players are showing lack of understanding what to do off the ball.  Unfortunately High School rules don’t allow Coaches enough time to teach the true details and layers of the game.  Today’s player’s imagination has been strip from them at an early age due to the changing times of microwave access to everything with instant grit results. Social media has been a catalyst for false success.  If players can’t see it with their own eyes then they can’t execute it.

Imagination and common sense is a lost art in basketball. What makes USA Basketball so special is the fact that they are asking way more than just to see you do some type of skill work. They want to know if you know basketball.

The Small things matter:

Encouraging one another

Listening to instruction

Watching the detail

Moving without the ball

Three dribbles or less

That is just to name a few things that they look for. A lot of players that had the opportunity to participate in the 2018 trials are getting a big eye opener on what basketball looks like and to see what other parts of the nation’s basketball style look like.

There were quite a few players that came back from last year’s trials with a vengeance. We will not post about players in the article, but listen when we say this. FIND YOUR NICHE AND RUN WITH IT. Do not try to go outside your game to impress. Play to your strengths and that is it. If you’re a utility player, be the best utility player you can be, run the floor fill the lane finish/execute in the flow of the game.

Till tomorrow afternoon.


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