Raja Todd2018Shooting GuardRaja Todd – Raja is a creative shooter from Arkansas who now lives in Dallas. She has a very quick release coming off the dribble, as well as, the screen. One of the things that impressed me about Raja is that she stays in her shooting stance ready for the opportunity to shoot the ball.
Bailey Lewis2019CenterBailey stands with a 6’6 frame and she has untapped potential! It’s crazy! She has a nice touch with the ball which gives her the advantage to hit the defense with the soft hook or the face-up jimmy. She is still learning her body, after she gets in some training with a strength and condition coach, Bailey’s game will elevate quickly.
Hailey Grant2020Shooting GuardHailey is a nice shooter. She has a nice rhythm when shooting the ball. She has great understanding that she is young with so much upside, that, she will be more than just labeled as a Shooter but will be viewed as more of a “creative scorer”.
Anniya Thomas2018Point GuardAnniya is a strong Point Guard who understands her role when it comes to facilitating. She has a power dribble which gives her that explosion to blow by her defender and she has a great feel for the game. Anniya must continue to become a leader to be a high-level Point Guard.
Jaryanna Ward2017Small ForwardJaryanna is a long, athletic Wing who is able to defend. She can be classified as a Power Forward to mid-sized Point Guard with a nice pull-up game and she is able to slash to the bucket and get to her sweet spots. Jaryanna knows how to use her length to get past someone or reach over to get that extra rebound.
Amaya Lewis2018Small ForwardAmaya is an athletic lock-down defender who can hold someone that is bigger than her because of strength. She has a fundamental handle that gets the job done, but loves to get to the basket to score.
Makayla Gatewood2017Small FowardMakala is a bouncy player out of Central, TX. She is great at reading the weak-side defense to get the steal. She loves to get to the elbow shot and she’s a decent finisher when going to the bucket to create contact. She is able to able change shots, as well. Because of her athleticism she is great at contesting shots
Lyric Robbins2017Small Forward Lyric is a special player who is very underrated. She is six feet tall with a 6’2" wing span and possesses track speed. She is able to play Point Guard down to the Forward positions. Her defense is a beautiful thing to watch. Her slashing ability to get to the bucket is uncanny with great elevation for the pull-up jumper. Lyric has great power for her size and she finishes strong. Lyric's handles are good and she knows how to push the ball in transition, as well as, control the ball in a half-court setting.
Arianna Clark2019Arianna is a young Point Guard that has a knack for the game. She has a smooth handle, she’s quick on the first step, able to blow the first defender and she can create after she gets to the 2nd defender for the creative pass. Arianna is also a great defender with a great understanding for looking for the rip on the ball.
Diamond Atchison2018Point GuardDiamond is hard to guard and she’s able to reach places because of her quickness. She has a nice floater, and possesses a snazzy way to get the ball to players when creating. Also, because of her quickness, she is an effective defender.
Nala Hemingway2019Point GuardNala is a Floor General and she doesn’t care about others’ feelings when it comes to bringing out the best in players. She brings that grimy Point Guard feel to the game. Nala has nice handles, she can split a defense, or, just to shake someone up if need be. She is great in the transition and has great decision-making skills to make the right pass and does it with a little flash. Nala is able to lock up at 94ft. One of the things that makes her defense so special is that she knows how to anticipate when a player is turning and can rip them on the blind side.
Samantha Dufek2018Power Forward/Small ForwardSamantha can go in and out to the perimeter. She is able to run in transition and finish well, and also, understands how to take advantage of the situations that are given to her in a game. Her athletic ability and height will make her an easy recruit.
Sierra Dirden2018Power ForwardSierra is a Power Forward with great size who can run the floor with the best of them. She’s not afraid to bang in the paint and get rebounds. She has a nice touch around the basket and knows how to work in the high-low.