Ayanna Thompson2022GUARDWe think that Ayanna can fly because of her long wing span. She gave different glimpses of her game. She can rebound, deflecting passes, push the ball and shoot the floater.
Sahvani Sancho2023GUARD Sahvani has speed and you can tell she loved the transition. We previously asked her if we could see her change speed during transitions. All of sudden, we began to see different combinations of efficient moves to the bucket with great finishes.
Mckenzie Green2019GUARDWe all know that Green is lighting quick, is able to defend and does very well on in transition. She has also been known for her shot off of the catch. One of the things that she has upgraded is her shot off the dribble. Soon, as she gets players off balance she puts herself in place to hit them with a quick pull up 3 or J.
Jiya Perry2022GUARDJiya is a big guard that has developed a “Varsity” body already. You can tell that she is not afraid to put players on the hip to draw the foul or take them out the equation to have a 5-on-4 game in the half-court. Jiya’s drive is to pull the three-shot from the parking lot. What showed her maturity on the drive was her coming off of two feet to keep balanced.
Breanna Davis2022GUARDAnother player that comes from a basketball foundation as her father was Mr. Dallas played College and Pro. Some of the things that are different about Breanna is that she is a navigator who knows how to direct and execute. Her slashing style is of a Boys game because she uses the pro-hop more than the Euro Step like many young female players try to use all of the time.
Hailey Adams2023Hailey is different type of player with an arsenal of shots. I enjoyed watching how she locked up on defense and the way that she pulled in kill box for the mid-range. Hailey is still growing, so she will continue to be a deadly threat when she gets older.
Bria McClure2021GUARDBria has so much seasoning in her passing game, it’s bananas. It’s like, she sees a teammate’s hand is open the court, a pass will get the ball there. We call here Desi 2.0 because she is able to handle the ball and her leadership on the court shows that you can tell that she looks up to Desi Caldwell (USC Signee). I loved watching her play.
Madison Griffon2019GUARDI love this kid! She has lots of energy and her fundamental development is based on a shoot, pass, dribble, control the floor and lock up smaller guards. One thing you cannot teach is “want to” and she has it. She wants to get better at all cost.
Myra Gordon2020GUARDMyra gave us a different look with her game. She displayed some of her off-the-ball shooting and transition plays. She still possesses her passing game and I enjoyed watching her movement off the ball. She’s going to be a shooting threat.
Fatou Samb2020FOWARDJust wait and see what is going to happen with Fatou, She is raw and very athletic and can alter her shot when contested. I see her as a great extended four by the time she is done.
Amina Muhammad2022FOWARDAmina will be too much to handle standing at 6’3. She’s athletic with a versatile game, and to know that she will do more than what she can do now, is scary. I saw quite a few things with rebounding and pushing the ball in transition. The biggest thing is that she can move from playing Guards to Forwards with no trouble.
Victoria Baker2020GUARDVictoria‘s a different type of player who has favor for days with her dribble, with her three-point game hat emulates Danielle Vigilione and a passing game of Sue Bird. Victoria has an attitude of the city, she doesn’t back down from anybody and she will go at the defender to make them do what she wants them to do.
Raven Adams2021GUARDRaven will hit you with the AI cross or the full-speed double to create a savvy finish in the paint. It is a joy to see the way that she moves on the court, getting where she wants to go and getting others involved.
Taylor Hutchins2019FOWARDTaylor Hutchins - AKA the Enforcer, Taylor is a different type of talent. You look her and you think that her size will slow her down, welllllll, that’s not the case. Taylor is a young lady who is one of the most versatile players in the region. She can hold a 3/4/5 player and she’s able to play 3/4. Because of her strength, she bangs in the paint but can also finesse you on the perimeter with a slash to the bucket or the off-the-dribble pull-up, and the open three.
Keagan Sullivan2020GUARDSize, length, attitude, skill. She gave us a different look with her game, the way she drove to the basketball. She kept player close to her to knock them off course to either create the foul or help bait other defenders to pick her up to drop the dime. She’s quick off the release for the 3.
Zoe Nelson2021GUARDZoe has Big Guard game Central TX. Her pull-up game is nice and she knows when to hit a move with the right spacing so that the defense can’t get to the ball. With her size and quickness, she has quite a deceptive style to her game.
Brittney Stafford2020GUARDBrittney is an under rated Point Guard out of Houston. She is awesome at changing speed speeds and being a Floor General running a team. She’s also willing to put her team on her back to help them win. I love the way that she plays.
Sierra Brooks2021GUARDSierra is another Central TX product that is on track to be one of the best out the Killeen area. She showed a mature guard game, talking while she was in transitions with a consistent voice on both offense and defense. Keep this name in your memory banks.
Aaliyah Chavez2025GUARDAaliyah is a “work horse”. You can tell that she is not afraid of hard work. You can see that she is hard on herself because she loves to compete at a high level. We all know that can be a blessing and a curse. In this case, it will balance out because she is young and she’s able to do quite a few things.
L.A. Sneed2025GUARDWell, we could talk about her foundation in the sport. I mean, it’s nothing too big, just that her mom played at UT Austin and was known for being one of the most talented players to be a Lady Longhorn. L.A. is, and will be, a different player than her mom, though. L.A. has a different hunger for the game. She wants it all. She is a scoring guard who is not just about getting the team involved, but, she will give players that PAT PAT off the dribble with a knock it down, in your face shot. She has no ceilings because of her hunger is to only get better and better.
Isabella Palmer2025Smh! Isabella she just don’t care! Ms. Palmer is coming at you with everything she has without any hiccups to her game. She is efficient for such an early age, getting to the basket with a functional attack dribble, but, without over-dribbling. It gives her a “wow” factor for her age. She has the razzle dazzle in her game for the fun, but, the biggest part is that she is doing it in the flow of the game and it doesn’t take away from her ability to produce on the court.
Michayla Gatewood2022GUARDThere are times when you are put in a group where you are the dominate player, and at times, it can be frustrating. The signs of a true leader, is when the odds are against you and you find the best in players. Michayla responded well after a conversation was used to analyze and find her strengths to get the better. You could tell that she jumped right on the instruction by communicating with her teammates to put them positions to score baskets.
Mikayla Woods2019GUARDMikayla like that heso. You can tell that if has been effective for quite some time. I like her slashing ability to get to the bucket, but I know she has more to give. I can’t wait to see what else she does in the future.
Kayla Abraham2022GUARDKayla is just real quick to be 6’4. She is new to the game and has been thrown in the right fire to grow. Put her on your radar soon as she will be coming out of the dark
Nya Threatt2022GUARDShe has a big purse full of dimes and she does not mind giving them away. It didn’t matter where she was on the court, it was funny to watch her make passes because some of the girls were not ready to catch them. However, there were some that were executed perfectly.
Jordan Marshall2023GUARDWe know basketball, and we know Point Guards. She is another player coming out of the TX area who will be a good PG in the making. She makes the right passes in transitions and in the half court.
Carleigh Wenzel2022GUARD Carleigh is a potential Diana Taurasi. She’s a big guard that has the ability to score. You can tell she listens to the details of coaching instruction.
Sa’Myah Smith2022GUARDSa’Myah is another big guard that can do a lot of smooth things with a whole lot of length. You can tell she was being conservative with her game, but she was still effective. She reminds me of Chamique Holdsclaw.
Aja Holmes2020GUARDWe have been fortunate to see Aja over the years. At the last camp, she was labeled as a Shooter. Aja has made some major upgrades to her game which is going to make a HUUUUUUUGE difference with her teammates. Aja has developed a faster, more explosive first step the step and has developed a Mid-range pull—up shot, as well. It is going to be very exciting to watch her!
Randi Thompson2019ComboPlaying with a chip on her shoulder, with an aggressive attacking mentality to the basket, and relentless on defense. Coaches, she is ready!!
Samantha Wagner2023WINGA versatility player, that has attributes like a Keith Van Horn. Her ability to put the ball on the floor, plus finding the right.
Bri McClure2021Point GuardEvery time we see her she gives something new. It seem her focal point was her mid-range game, with the floater. While making the
Kerri Johnson2019Small Forward
Micah Cooper2020Point GuardSeeing the floor, running a team, making the right pass, is Micah. Her handle is so shifty with a quick pull up game, makes her hard to stop.
Vivian Jon2023GUARDVivian is a small package with a big bang! She loves the behind the back wrap-around. To be her size, she knows how to use her length when playing. At Point, she sees the floor pretty well. I would love to see her be more vocal at all times.
Emilia Steele2023GUARDEmilia has that Basketball IQ. What she can’t do a very versatile player, game the mid-range game away for free showing us her inner Mya Moore. I would love to see her come off the dribble into a more fluid shot.
Victoria Flores2023GUARDI love what she did in the games, showing different things on the drive and passing. Her transition game reminded me a young Jordan McLemore (NJ Sparks) who’s going to Hartford this year.
Mackenzie Askew2023GUARDMackenzie loves to slash to basket for the lay-up, and her on-ball defense is really good. Once she comes into her body, she will be a great finisher.
Kailee Deffebaugh2022GUARDCall the cops! She has a gun! Kailee was not afraid of letting the ball go from the arc and it was from deep! With her big size, I would love to see her body control and passing game improve.
Victoria Flores2023GUARD
Crislyn Rose2023GUARDMaaaaannn this girl can play and she is just a 2023! Smh! Her handles are something like a player from the park, but she is efficient with the ball, not over dribbling and just getting things done. She’s a pure scoring Point Guard. Keep your hunger for game, Crislyn, and don’t peak out.
Aniyah Johnson2021Power ForwardLong, runs the floor great. She has tools that haven't been molded yet, but for right now she is a great utility player. She uses her length and size to get rebounds, and she brings a nice 15ft pull up game.
Jada Malone2021Power ForwardHave seen this girl since the 8th grade. She give you a slow walk, and laid back presence. When she get on the court its different, ability to run the floor, pull up game is nice. The GREATEST THING is SHE LOVES TO BANG IN THE PAINT.
Kyla Deck2022GUARDI just different didn’t know that Kyla was that long! The way that she went by players with the 1st step, with putting the ball in front of her, gave her the advantage to get by the defender. Keep getting quicker and show that mid-range jumper more!
Brily Perkins2019Point Guard She is a POINT GUARD, we enjoyed the confidence on the court, controlling the offense and taking the open shot. Her transition game showed us that she can do well in the open court.
Heaven Hayden2022GUARDHeaven is a combo guard that can lock up on defense. The right-to-left cross is her signature move. She was able to get to the areas she wanted and showed excellent decision making on her shot selection. Finishing more with the floater will make her a dangerous.
Dyani Robinson2019Point GuardIf you ever heard of "lockupgang" it is group of ball players for the east coast that take pride in locking up on defense Powered by a kid by the name of BABA. Well Dyani reminds me of that crew she is relentless on defense. Her ability to push the ball and jam up a person on defense, then to explode to create separation to make a 5 on 4 game is great.
Ariyanna Hall2019ComboShifty, she has a smooth arsenal able to create for herself, made us stay for a while longer to watch. Wanted to see more on defense, she did well in the help side anticipating the ball.
Kendyle Hall2023GUARDKendyle is a big guard that’s goes off of pure instinct. She’s an athlete that has all of the tools to hone for the future. As long as she doesn’t settle for what she can do, she will turn heads in the future.
Taylor Govan-Williams2019Shooting GuardGave us a different look on the defensive side very aggressive in attacking the angle to cut players off. She displayed a nice offensive rebounding attribute. more than just scoring the basketball.
Myka Perry2022ComboHad a great showing at the She's Ballin Event. She came out aggressive attacking the basketball and playing the angles on defense against faster guards.
Miranda Givens2019Small ForwardMimi is like a X-Man when it comes to her atheleticism. The way she ran the flooring and attacking the basket with finishing at the rim was a smooth. From seeing her in April to now you can see Coach Diaz has upgraded her game and confidence.
Tae’Lor Purvis2020ComboA very Shifty guard that give players fits, and lock up 94ft. Showing us a deceptive scoring ability.
Tenaya McCray2019ComboMajor Sleeper, she is a player that will be someone will need to take a chance on. Great size guard with length, able to do everything you need, from utility, to being your go to player. We like this kid
Tamiya SantosVA5'7
Tae’Lor Purvis2020Point GuardYou need this pg in your program. A very deceptive scoring guard, that give you a different looks on scoring ability.
Myra Bell2020ComboEnjoyed watching her play, commander on the phone. great quality of attacking hard and pulling up at the drop on a dime.
Alexys Keys2020ComboWe like this kid, pg with a nice attacking, 3pt ability. Showed length on defense with deflecting and contesting shots, a great attribute to have.
Desiree Wooten2022Young player with an old mentality. As we sat back and watched her with she was slashing at will, which gave her opportunities to create for other players. We couldn't understand why they could stop her from going right.
Tiffany Tullis2020Point GuardTullis hit them with the in and out to the basket. Even pushed the ball down the court at a fast pace. so the defense could not set up. Her leadership to get players in place was impressive
Kyra White2019Shooting GuardIf Shooting was paint and she had canvas. I would call her an Artist, the way she is able to catch the ball in stride, off the dribble. Her shot is like a smooth stroke with a soft touch when it hit the rim.
Amina Muhammad2022Power Forward/Small FowardYou will not be able to put her in one category. Her length makes her a destraction on D. She has a nice 15ft, able to put the ball down confortable in transition. She will be on of the most versitile players coming out of TX, if she continue working.
Liz Scott2019Power Forward/Small FowardJust let her go get it, your wondering what we mean by that. If you are a real Coach, Trainer, or Ball Player, you know that you dont have to have the ball in your hands to score 99.9999% of the time. Well she can go get it in many ways especially when she is not the focus. EX: A play can be for someone and she finds a situation to score of that.
Alexis Brown2020Point GuardThe general is what we call her, aggressive off the dribble. Making plays for the team, then putting herself last as a point guard supposed to. She showed us different looks on how that lockup game look, and creating points for herself when the team is not.
2021Point GuardShe is a sleeper that is a shooter. Right now she's a catch and shoot, but you can tell she is going into the next transition of off the dribble.
Malay McQueen2019Shooting Guard/Point Guardbaseline 3 piece with the soft shot. 94 ft lockup game. Change of Speed is crazy, court vision is there when she gets past the 1st and 2nd defender.
Anaiya Turner2020Shooting GuardI wouldn't just call her a shooting guard, she was doing a lot more than shooting. Getting to the bucket was not an issue, to score.
Dominique Davis2019Point GuardShoot, Pass, Dribble. This is the order out of a triple threat. She can do it all, love the way she gets gritty when it comes to attacking the basket. Her Float game is beautiful.
Salma Bates2019Point GuardEnjoyed her defense, you can tell she takes pride in being her best, defense, offense. Her energy is high, you see it in her dribble as well as getting to the paint scoring.
Giannah Aragon2021
Hope Johnston2020
Francesca Jennings2020
Denasia Mitchell2019
Kyli Davis2021
Jaylyn James2021
Hannah Barraza2021
Kierstyn Rossow2019Small ForwardPassing by she caught our eye while she was in transition. We were wondering who is this kid that was long, athletic running down the court. Rossow is a hidden gym that will be a great piece of the puzzle for a college.
Aliyah Muhammad2023Guard/UTLBTXAliyah will be another shooter for the DFW area. The rhythm of her shot is smooth and I got to watch go 3 for 3 from the 3! I will keep my eye on her for sure. I would start now with learning how to shoot off the dribble, coming off screens and in transition.
Bella Piccioni2023Guard/LADYJETSTXBella is efficient! She can penetrate and dish the ball. She has a transition pull-up at three-point arc and a mid-range jumper. Bella also has nice ball-handling skills. She is just a smart Basketball player who knows what to do in many situations.
Camryn Tade2023Guard/HG ELITETXCameron is small, but, spunky! She does small things like getting to the right spot and playing hard to do the things that other players will not. Her size create some potential deficiencies, but, I know with her hard work and determination she will play at the collegiate level if not just because of how hard she works.
Tristian Smith2023Gaurd/BanditsTXThis young lady has great height to be her age, rebounds the ball well and is not afraid to push the ball down the court looking to score. One thing that I do like about her is the fact that she has Basketball IQ. She knows how to control her body in a half-court situation.
Elise Jones2023Guard/LADYJETSTXElise gave us something in the second game to watch! She showed us that she can play in the high post, push the ball down the court in transition, rebound the ball; she can change direction with the Euro Step and finish at the rim. She has a nice rhythm on the court, but in time, she will learn how to control her power when shooting the mid-range and three-point shots.
Emi Steele2023Guard/HG ELITETXIt’s scary to see where this kid will be by her Sophomore year in high school! Emi is listed as 5’11 and has a great athletic build. As of right now, she’s operating off of pure talent and instinct. As she gets some real developmental training that's going to focus on her understanding of the game and learning the fundamentals of the sport, she will catch the attention of college coaches.
Hannah Carr2024Guard/ Cy-FairI have seen quite a bit of Hannah. She is very efficient and knows how to get a team and ball energetic on defense. Hannah knows how create shots for her teammates, knows how to pass in transition, and knows how to operate in the half-court situation. She is a strong leader for her age.
Justice Carlton2024Forward/ Cy-FairJustice is learning to get herself together as a Post. She is learning how to sit and get baskets while also trying different Post moves. Uou can tell that she's going to be tall because of her parents. She’s another one who will be something special!
Kayla Kimbrough2023Guard/LADYJETSTXKayla is a Point Guard with decent handles to be her height. She is quick for her size, makes the right pass, loves to shoot a Floater and is not afraid to defend a bigger guard. Kayla is another Guard that you will look out for in the 2023 class!
Kennedy Evans2024Guard/ Cy-FairTXKennedy loves to shoot the three-point shot. She loves to attack in the paint to draw the foul. She also knows how to attack the right angle to get a shot off. By the way she runs you can see she's going through a growth spurt. Making sure that she continues to adjust her game to the way she is growing will be important because of her major growth spurts.
Kenzi Willis2023Guard/BanditsTXKenzi is a tall Point Guard who understands how to pass the ball to the Post. She knows how to do against a defender in the open court to create a one-on-one situation. She is able to chase down loose balls and create deflections on defense. At this age, Kenzi still needs to get stronger.
Lexi Esparza2023Foward/BanditsLexi is another tall player. She runs the floor and rebounds well. She also knows how to pass the ball in transition. She is not afraid to put the ball back up the court after a rebound, which shows me that she's aggressive when she wants to be. I am excited to see where she will be in a couple years!
Madison Luciano2023Guard/BombersTXMadison is a small guard with a very high Basketball IQ. She knows how to be a Floor General to be her age. She's able to shoot off of the dribble and shoot floaters while attacking the rim. Madison sees the floor very well and she is able to defend very well off the ball.
Micah Cooper2023Guard/ Cy-FairTXMicah has that West Texas blood in her with playing team ball, but, she has the aggressiveness one on one of the city. With her size right now, Micah is able to get up and down the court with the ball faster than some without the ball. She looks to pass the ball and makes crisp passes. Micah makes it look easy at her current age.
Monica Marsh2023Guard/HG ELITETXI enjoyed watching Monica play over the tournament. She showed me different facets of her game from shooting a great three-ball to her mid-range jumper to her Baseline Floater. Monica also knows how to attack angles, pass the ball and lock up on the Defense. She is also not afraid to hold a bigger player. Monica showed me quite a bit! She has a well-balanced game! I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen when she gets to high school!
Rayna Williams2025Forward/ LADY JETSRaina is the youngest on the Lady Jets squad, but, she is one of the tallest of the Lady Jets. You can tell she gets it on Defense and likes to get rebounds. Right now, you can tell that she's trying to come into her own.
Sasha Crawford2023Guard/HG ELITETXSasha is another young lady that is not afraid to take it to the basket and score. She has a nice Floater and will pull up for three. She will even push the ball in transition, not afraid to lock up on Defense. That's the major thing that takes her over the top-her ability to defend the ball.
Stacey Williams2024Guard/UTLBTXStacy has a one-dribble explosive move to the basket, a quick double-cross back that gets her to the basket. She is small and that helps her to get into the right places to draw the defender and kick the ball out. Stacey has great On-ball Defense and likes to pressure the defense.
Taylor Carver2024Guard/ Cy-FairTXTaylor’s energy is high, she’s very passionate about the game and can handle the ball. She change directions and has a beautiful Jump shot technique. Taylor also loves to get her teammates involved on the court.