Aliyah Muhammad2023Guard/UTLBTXAliyah will be another shooter for the DFW area. The rhythm of her shot is smooth and I got to watch go 3 for 3 from the 3! I will keep my eye on her for sure. I would start now with learning how to shoot off the dribble, coming off screens and in transition.
Bella Piccioni2023Guard/LADYJETSTXBella is efficient! She can penetrate and dish the ball. She has a transition pull-up at three-point arc and a mid-range jumper. Bella also has nice ball-handling skills. She is just a smart Basketball player who knows what to do in many situations.
Camryn Tade2023Guard/HG ELITETXCameron is small, but, spunky! She does small things like getting to the right spot and playing hard to do the things that other players will not. Her size create some potential deficiencies, but, I know with her hard work and determination she will play at the collegiate level if not just because of how hard she works.
Tristian Smith2023Gaurd/BanditsTXThis young lady has great height to be her age, rebounds the ball well and is not afraid to push the ball down the court looking to score. One thing that I do like about her is the fact that she has Basketball IQ. She knows how to control her body in a half-court situation.
Elise Jones2023Guard/LADYJETSTXElise gave us something in the second game to watch! She showed us that she can play in the high post, push the ball down the court in transition, rebound the ball; she can change direction with the Euro Step and finish at the rim. She has a nice rhythm on the court, but in time, she will learn how to control her power when shooting the mid-range and three-point shots.
Emi Steele2023Guard/HG ELITETXIt’s scary to see where this kid will be by her Sophomore year in high school! Emi is listed as 5’11 and has a great athletic build. As of right now, she’s operating off of pure talent and instinct. As she gets some real developmental training that's going to focus on her understanding of the game and learning the fundamentals of the sport, she will catch the attention of college coaches.
Hannah Carr2024Guard/ Cy-FairI have seen quite a bit of Hannah. She is very efficient and knows how to get a team and ball energetic on defense. Hannah knows how create shots for her teammates, knows how to pass in transition, and knows how to operate in the half-court situation. She is a strong leader for her age.
Justice Carlton2024Forward/ Cy-FairJustice is learning to get herself together as a Post. She is learning how to sit and get baskets while also trying different Post moves. Uou can tell that she's going to be tall because of her parents. She’s another one who will be something special!
Kayla Kimbrough2023Guard/LADYJETSTXKayla is a Point Guard with decent handles to be her height. She is quick for her size, makes the right pass, loves to shoot a Floater and is not afraid to defend a bigger guard. Kayla is another Guard that you will look out for in the 2023 class!
Kennedy Evans2024Guard/ Cy-FairTXKennedy loves to shoot the three-point shot. She loves to attack in the paint to draw the foul. She also knows how to attack the right angle to get a shot off. By the way she runs you can see she's going through a growth spurt. Making sure that she continues to adjust her game to the way she is growing will be important because of her major growth spurts.
Kenzi Willis2023Guard/BanditsTXKenzi is a tall Point Guard who understands how to pass the ball to the Post. She knows how to do against a defender in the open court to create a one-on-one situation. She is able to chase down loose balls and create deflections on defense. At this age, Kenzi still needs to get stronger.
Lexi Esparza2023Foward/BanditsLexi is another tall player. She runs the floor and rebounds well. She also knows how to pass the ball in transition. She is not afraid to put the ball back up the court after a rebound, which shows me that she's aggressive when she wants to be. I am excited to see where she will be in a couple years!
Madison Luciano2023Guard/BombersTXMadison is a small guard with a very high Basketball IQ. She knows how to be a Floor General to be her age. She's able to shoot off of the dribble and shoot floaters while attacking the rim. Madison sees the floor very well and she is able to defend very well off the ball.
Micah Cooper2023Guard/ Cy-FairTXMicah has that West Texas blood in her with playing team ball, but, she has the aggressiveness one on one of the city. With her size right now, Micah is able to get up and down the court with the ball faster than some without the ball. She looks to pass the ball and makes crisp passes. Micah makes it look easy at her current age.
Monica Marsh2023Guard/HG ELITETXI enjoyed watching Monica play over the tournament. She showed me different facets of her game from shooting a great three-ball to her mid-range jumper to her Baseline Floater. Monica also knows how to attack angles, pass the ball and lock up on the Defense. She is also not afraid to hold a bigger player. Monica showed me quite a bit! She has a well-balanced game! I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen when she gets to high school!
Rayna Williams2025Forward/ LADY JETSRaina is the youngest on the Lady Jets squad, but, she is one of the tallest of the Lady Jets. You can tell she gets it on Defense and likes to get rebounds. Right now, you can tell that she's trying to come into her own.
Sasha Crawford2023Guard/HG ELITETXSasha is another young lady that is not afraid to take it to the basket and score. She has a nice Floater and will pull up for three. She will even push the ball in transition, not afraid to lock up on Defense. That's the major thing that takes her over the top-her ability to defend the ball.
Stacey Williams2024Guard/UTLBTXStacy has a one-dribble explosive move to the basket, a quick double-cross back that gets her to the basket. She is small and that helps her to get into the right places to draw the defender and kick the ball out. Stacey has great On-ball Defense and likes to pressure the defense.
Taylor Carver2024Guard/ Cy-FairTXTaylor’s energy is high, she’s very passionate about the game and can handle the ball. She change directions and has a beautiful Jump shot technique. Taylor also loves to get her teammates involved on the court.